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The digital-era store makes the space public and customer-centric, generating innovation. The sale area changes from a commodity to become a service tool, generating experience. The shoppers’ interaction goes from transactional to transitional, generating engagement.

Innovation, experience and engagement turn the shopper into an active buyer.

In addition to our core business, based on bespoke fitting solutions, BV Brands also provides research, intelligence, conceptual, creative and technical design, branding, signage, visual merchandising, communication, and in-store advertising solutions services.

Today, retail developments are rarely just about retail. They’re part of airports, railway stations, or other large leisure, hospitality and mixed use schemes.

A successful retail development is one that is able to connect with customers on an emotional level, drawing people in, stimulating their senses and encouraging sales.
To create this connection, it must be able to differentiate itself from the competition, aligning its products and services with the values, desires, possibilities and expectations of the target public.

Innovation is always linked to the ability to create value and provide a memorable experience, essential in order to generate traffic, engage, sell, build loyalty and establish brand equity.
Therefore, the retail location must be designed to optimise footfall and enjoyment without ignoring the essential considerations of flexibility, security, sustainability and long-term value.

We approach retail projects understanding the wider context, the stakeholder management issues and can foresee issues before they happen, in order to minimise risk and maximise investment return.

Our consultants will team up with your designers in order to help the engineers and architects working on the project to incorporate the business functionality into the building’s design itself.

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